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plenary adj : full in all respects; "a plenary session of the legislature"; "a diplomat with plenary powers"

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Derived from plenum.


  1. complete; full; entire; absolute
  2. fully attended; for everyone's attendance

Usage notes

A plenary talk at a conference or convention is a talk that is scheduled at a time when everyone can attend, i.e. at a time when nothing else is scheduled.
A plenary speaker is the speaker at a plenary talk, usually a notable person who is present by invitation.

Derived terms

plenary session

Extensive Definition

Plenary is an adjective related to the noun plenum carrying a general connotation of fullness.
Plenary may refer to:
  • Plenary session or meeting, the part of a conference when all members of all parties are in attendance
  • Plenary power or plenary authority, the complete power of a governing body
  • Plenary council
  • "Plenary", the final part of the traditional three part lesson
  • "Plenary inspiration" is a form of revelation. It refers to the doctrine that the authorship of the Bible was infallible; that the authors did not make any errors when they were writing the particular text because the Holy Spirit of God was working through them.

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